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Enhanced Security Solutions: Protecting Your Property with SmokeCloak®
The majority of property loss typically occurs during the initial moments of a break-in. To address this concern, one effective solution is the installation of SmokeCloak® on the premises. Within mere seconds of a break-in, this innovative system swiftly fills the protected area with an impenetrable cloud of fog. As a result, it establishes a highly effective barrier that compels intruders to swiftly vacate the premises.
Benefits of SmokeCloak®

Rapid Protection

Within seconds, both the premises and valuable stock are promptly secured against potential theft or damage.
Seamless Integration
SmokeCloak® is thoughtfully designed to seamlessly integrate with existing electronic alarm systems, providing an enhanced layer of security without disrupting your current setup.

Sound Investment

Implementing SmokeCloak® is a wise financial decision due to its effectiveness in deterring intruders and minimizing property loss. The system offers a strong return on investment by safeguarding your assets and reducing potential financial setbacks.
No Residual Effects

Unlike other security measures, SmokeCloak® does not leave any residue that could harm equipment or pose risks to the well-being of individuals or animals. Its fog-based mechanism is safe and reliable.

Prolonged Property Protection
Even after an intrusion occurs, SmokeCloak® continues to safeguard the premises for at least 45 minutes, providing valuable time for authorities to respond and minimizing potential damages.

For additional information on SmokeCloak® and its application, please contact Check Security at 0161 794 9500.